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We make a wide range of sourdough loaves using organic wheat, rye and spelt flour, as well as organic whole grains, seeds and other organic natural ingredients. Here are our core loaves:

  • IMAG0141Classic Wild
 Baked either as a round or in a tin, this is a simple sourdough bread with a lovely light texture and flavour. Great for sandwiches and toasting!
Organic unbleached white flour (90%), organic stoneground wholewheat flour (10%), water, sea salt
£3.50 per loaf
  • IMAG0142Country (Pain de Campagne)

A mixture of wheat and rye, this is a versatile bread with a subtle sourness, chewy open crumb and wholesome nutty crust.

Organic unbleached white flour (75%), organic stoneground wholewheat flour (15%), organic stoneground wholegrain rye flour (10%), water, sea salt

£3.50 per loaf

  • IMAG0144Malthouse Granary

A sustaining light wholewheat bread full of wholegrain goodness and a rich malty flavour.

Organic light wholewheat flour (95%), organic wholegrain rye flour (5%), malted wheat flakes, malted barley, malted rye, water, sea salt

£3.50 per loaf

  • IMAG0143Sunflower and Linseed
A classic combination found in German whole-grain baking. The toasted sunflower seeds add real depth of flavour and the soaked linseeds add a moist, supple quality to the crumb. With a high proportion of biodynamic stoneground wholewheat flour this is a truly wholesome and nutritious loaf!
Organic stoneground wholewheat flour (50%), organic unbleached white flour (50%), water, organic sunflower seeds, organic linseeds, sea salt
£3.90 per loaf
  • IMAG0145100% Spelt

This loaf has a deep, savoury, nutty flavour and is made with our spelt leaven and without any modern wheat.

Organic stoneground wholegrain spelt flour (75%), organic white spelt flour (25%), water, sea salt

£4.00 per loaf

  • IMAG0146100% Rye (Wheat Free)

Based on a Russian recipe, this loaf has a strong tangy flavour and a surprisingly soft, moist crumb. It is completely wheat free.

Organic stoneground wholegrain rye flour (100%), water, sea salt

£3.50 per loaf

As well as the above loaves we bake seasonal ‘specials’ which are changed from week to week.
These include:
  • Heritage Wheat, English Rye, Caraway & Coriander
  • Olive, Herb & Lemon Zest
  • Six Seeded Wheat
  • Oat Porridge
  • Raisin & Coriander
  • Carrot & Walnut
  • Kentish Apple & Cider
  • Cheese & Cracked Black Pepper
  • Sprouted Rye
Please contact us if you would like a comprehensive list with prices and ingredients

2 Responses to “Bread”

  1. ronnet says:

    Very much enjoyed your rye bread bought in Canterbury. Is it possible to subscribe for a delivery? Better still when it will be available in the shed next to Canterbury west?

    • Wild Bread says:

      Hi there, Really glad you enjoyed the rye bread. Was it the 100% rye? I’ll actually be at the Goods Shed tomorrow (Thursday), and then weekly on Thursdays after that. Delivery to you may be possible through some people I know in Canterbury that run a bike courier service called Velocity. Would that interest you? Hope to see you at the Goods Shed soon. Kind regards, James.

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