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Wild Bread is an artisan sourdough bakehouse based in Faversham, Kent.

We specialise in hand crafted Real sourdough bread made with organic grains and our own cultures of naturally occurring wild yeasts.

We are passionate about baking for our community and proud supporters of the Real Bread Campaign.

Please use the links above to find out more and feel free to join our mailing list and get in touch!

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22 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Joe Blackham says:

    I have been buying your bread from Macknade and really enjoy it. I was wondering if you are considering/doing a class in bread making. I am REALLY interested. I used to design software for bakers for many years which is running in places like Maison Blanc, Flour Power, Celtic bakeries (owned by Shipton Mills) and very many others. By the way not trying to sell anything, I am retired!

    • Wild Bread says:

      Hi Joe, Great to hear you’re enjoying the bread :-) Software for bakers sounds interesting. Does it make things a lot easier? I am definitely thinking about putting on some bread making classes sometime soon. It still needs a bit of planning but I’ll certainly let you know how things progress. All the best, James.

      • Sue Pellegrino says:

        Another fan from Macnades, it is a real joy to find that you are local. As another recent retiree I am really interested in any courses you may run. Have asked for this a few times in the Cafe. Do you also bake the Buchette noir from Macnades?

        • Wild Bread says:

          Hi Sue, good to hear from you. We’re hoping to start running courses next year but it’s in the early planning stages at the moment. I am doing a short two hour session on very basic bread making techniques at Creek Creative in February. You’ll be more than welcome to sign up for that. If you’re interested it’s best to contact Lorraine at Creek Creative or pop in to the cafe and see her. I noticed you also signed our mailing list so I’ll keep you posted on everything we’re up to. Oh and no we don’t bake the buchette noir at Macknade. I’m not sure who makes that I’m afraid. We do the country bread, malthouse granary and 100% rye which they sell at the weekend. All the best, James.

          • Hello, I’m also interested in breadmaking courses, especially in sourdough. I’m already an experienced home baker so don’t need a basic course. We live too far for your community-supported delivery, but will sign up for your newsletter. Stephanie

          • Wild Bread says:

            Hi Stephanie, I’ll definitely let you know if I have plans to run any more sourdough classes. All the best, James.

  2. Judith Christopherson says:

    A friend of mine gave me some of your bread to try and it is absolutely wonderful! And as a German, I am very fussy about my bread!
    Definitely the best bread around here.

  3. Donatella says:

    Hi, I bought your fantastic bread from Macnades, the first time because you are the only one that show the ingredients you use in your bread!!! I have a cow protein intolerance it means NO cows milk. So with JOY I read the label and find out that you don’t use milk!! What a wonderful surprise! I’ve been making my bread for years because in the 90% of loaves made in UK there is milk but now I am so happy that I can enjoy a real bread, a very good one and I am from a village in Sardinia were I can still eat a wood oven baked bread. Very Well Done!!! Donatella

    • Wild Bread says:

      Hi Donatella, it makes me very happy to hear that! Brilliant. It’s so important to show exactly what ingredients go in to making a loaf of bread, and I think it should be a legal requirement. For us it’s easy. Just flour, water and salt! For industrial bread manufacturers I can understand why they might want to hide some of the worrying things that go into making their loaves. I’d like to add your email to our mailing list if that’s OK, or please sign up through our website. I send out regular news updates of what we’re up to, which markets we’re doing and any new loaves we’re trying out. If you live in Faversham we also do a home delivery service which you might be interested in. All the best, James.

  4. Alison says:

    Bought a malted loaf in a mad hurry with little thought, it was only when I got home that I realised I should have stopped and taken the time to have a good look and sample some of the breads.
    Just fab “hardcore” tasty bread

  5. Alan Wood says:


    Just bought a sourdough loaf from you at Faversham market to enjoy with some cheese for lunch.

    The bread is so darn good that I removed the cheese and at the bread on its own so I could enjoy the flavour.

    It was stunning. Thank you.


  6. Artemis says:

    I bought a loaf of your sourdough bread this morning in Canterbury – it really is the best bread I’ve ever found round here. Like many of your fans, I have made my own for years but never tried sourdough – so do please let me know if you ever do run a course on sourdough bread-making.
    many thanks, Artemis

    • Wild Bread says:

      Thanks very much! We might be running some sourdough courses starting in 2014. If you’re signed up to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter then we’ll let you know when :-)

  7. Hen says:

    I absolutely love your breads. I am sensitive to wheat therefore the Rye and Spelt are ideal. Best bread around, so much love and attention in the making. Thank you so much James!

  8. alex stassino says:

    I met you yesterday at your stall and bought half a loaf of…can’t remember which one, and split it with another lady who I’d also just met and who I then went on to have lunch with! a wonderful discovery of your magnificent bread and a serendipitous making of a new friend. however, I do wish I had bought the whole thing as my half is almost all gone already. I will definitely be back. addicted! (and yes, it makes the most outstanding bruschetta)

  9. Emma Farmer says:

    Hi! I wondered if you were planning any bread making courses in the New Year in Faversham. I think that my husband would be very interested!

  10. chris taylor says:

    hi James, I havent seen your stall recently
    in Faversham market, I’ve usually been there
    Fridays -do you have a regular market day?

    • Wild Bread says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for your message. We don’t do the Friday market at present, but we’re there Tuesdays and Saturdays. Hope that helps. All the best, James.

  11. Frances Hansford says:

    Hi James,
    Your 100% spelt loaf is wonderful – such a rich, deep, nutty flavour and strong texture. For anyone following the low FODMAP diet as I am – this bread has caused me no problems! Its so good to find a way to eat bread while following the diet. Thanks James! Frances

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